About me


I'm Gregor, my online name is "Kanal 100" (I chose this name when I started with Instagram - and it stuck with me).

I'm passionate about photography - and have been shooting almost exclusively analog for a few years now. Especially during Corona, photography was a good opportunity to get out and about. And in the evenings, there was plenty of time to develop the films in the bathroom.

In the meantime, "trying it out" analog photography has become a conscious artistic decisio. I love the look of film. But analog photography also makes for more beautiful pictures and more fun for other, indirect reasons.

I am not restricted to genres. However, there is a focus on landscape/nature and architecture, especially in the pictures that I sell here as art prints. One reason for this is that I already do a lot of photography in this area. When selecting the images for art prints, however, I was of the opinion that these motifs are well suited for art prints because of their "classic beauty".

On Instagram I have far more pictures with a wider spectrum, also here on this page I show a wider selection. If you would like to have a photo as a mural that is not in the store, please send me an email.

I like calm, clear motifs reduced to the essentials (exceptions prove the rule).

And I like to play with light and shadow - here I benefit from the good behavior of film when overexposed.

I sell a selection of my favorite pictures as art prints on fine Hahnemühle paper.

Questions? Wishes? Suggestions? Criticism? - kanal.100.oida@gmail.com